Himalayan Salt Lamp Pink and White

Unique Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamp is simply large pure Himalayan Salt pieces with a small light bulb inside. It can be solid salt pieces or decorative baskets that filled with large salt crystals. Making sure that it is a pure Himalayan Crystal source is important and not only a cheap rock salt imitation. The Himalayan salt lamps are made of food grade that pure with Himalayan salt crystals. They can even be [...]

Antique Black Forest Antler Lamps Byron Il

Rustic Antler Lamps

Antler lamps are rustic which awesome for country homes. Enjoy the beauty of this lighting style in wildlife art! The reproductions of antler lamps, chandeliers and accents are proudly offered by Black Forest Decor. There are best and popular rustic lighting options that are for sure to amaze you with styles and designs that applicable for every purpose. Combine one that exquisitely designed antler chandeliers with your other rustic country [...]

Mid Century Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures

Unique Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Kitchen island lighting does not need to be excessive but make sure in better visibility. Unique ideas in how to illuminate the island will be just on your budget. Lighting fixtures for kitchen island are available in different type start from classic to modern contemporary designs. You can choose to have one with low voltage. This is meant to save cash in the monthly electricity bill that indeed as a [...]

New Hunter Douglas Skylight Blinds

Quality Skylight Blinds

Skylight binds offer quality and style at a very attractive price. They are available in a rainbow of colors start from pale neutrals to rich and deep tones. The colors are backed by white to highly feature home appearance on the exterior and the hardware and tracks are white. Vacuuming occasionally is all that is needed to keep the shades looking fresh. The blinds are soft and flexible nature that [...]

Old Antique Chinese Ginger Jar Lamps

Elegant Ginger Jar Lamps

Ginger jar lamps provide an elegant decorative accent in decorated homes tastefully like Europe and North America since the 18th century ago. Chinese and Japanese exports of design porcelain became really popular decor for home early in the century. When electricity was introduced in the 1900′s with fine porcelain vases that hand painted and glazed, the ginger jars and temple urns were converted into beautifully stunning and indeed colorful table [...]

Decorative Turkish Gourd Lamps

Modern Gourd Lamps

Gourd lamps are modern with the fun colors inspired by tiny scent bottles. The designer, Suzanne Kasler picked up on a forage through her favorite flea market in Paris. The lamps give a fresh large organic gourd shape with modern attitude. Suzanne finishes the design appearance with a white drum shade in linen tapered that brings in neutral texture crisp. Large Gourd lamp highly features base that is crafted of [...]

Unique Small Earthbound Salt Rock Lamp

Special Salt Rock Lamp

Salt rock lamp – A new method in promoting health for your family is through the application of a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp. Some practices in the world suggest the regular natural herbal medicine intake yet many people should be very cautious about anything. A Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is one special thing that you can use to make a better living with better health. The salt lamp from Himalayan [...]

Modern Sputnik Light Fixture Lowes

Mid Century Modern Sputnik Light

Sputnik light – It has been an icon of mid century lighting fixtures with additional value of modern touches. You can find them in vintage that surely would be exciting. Sometimes, you do not want to wait until forever just to find for vintage Sputnik to become lighting source in your home. If you are interested in purchasing the sputnik lights, then there are some references that shall lead you [...]

Vintage J Hunt Lamps Interiors

Innovative J Hunt Lamps

J Hunt lamps have been through experience and innovation. AKA Jimco Lamp, the Company has emerged over the past 45 years as the major supplier. They feature really interesting designs of portable lighting fixtures on the international market.  Jimco’s multiple divisions service the retail lighting industry in a substantial share including distribution channels. They are such as mass merchants, design-centric retail, home centers, internet, contract and direct mail. The company [...]

Modern Uplighting Outdoor Pictures

Best Uplighting Ideas

Uplighting – It is a useful illumination source which allows directed lights upwards to reduce glare and even create a more gentle light that relaxed. The design of uplighting creates appealing background light as it is indirect. Uplight works best in high ceiling rooms as the light cascades across the space of ceiling and gives an elegant feel. This lighting style does help to make small spaces appear wider for [...]